• RACE : March 10, 2018 Registration Opens: 11/12/17

Event Rules

GRIT Rules


  1. No one under the age of 14 may race
  2. To qualify to race we prefer you have done a race at least 40 miles in length in the past and you have pre-riden the course and provided proof.
    1. note: NICA races alone do not qualify a minor to do this race regardless of standings
  3. Racers between 14 -16 must submit a resume and proof of successful pre-ride( GPX or STRAVA Link finishing 8 hours or less)  or previous True Grit Epic finish.
  4. ALL JR racers MUST submit a signed waiver from a parent no less than 2 weeks prior to race day.
      1. The JR has completed a previous True Grit Race with submitted finish time/ OR
      2. The JR completes course pre-rides ( in different segments) Must include Zen, Barrel Ride and Barrel Rolls + 6 hour training ride with Strava/Gramin provided for all/OR
      3. The JR complete the race resume with training rides & parent is riding with the child in the race. ( proof of registration required)
  5. All racers under 18 must have a chaperon on site watching out for their racing progress.
  6. Ages are determined by the racers age on race day.
  7. Download Application to race TrueGRace_WAIVER-JR-Application-fillable
    1. Application MUST be filled out by EVERY JR racer under 18 and  received no later than 2 weeks prior to the race. JR race category will Close 2 weeks prior to race. No JR late entries will be accepted.


  1. With the exception of the youth restrictions above, your race age is the age you will be turning in the present year. ie. if you are 49 on race day, but will turn 50 in may, you will race in the 50 + category.


  1. Starting times will be staggered. See schedule under ABOUT GRIT.  We use a gun start, and if you jump the gun you can be dnf’d or penalized the difference + 2 min. Jumping the gun is cheating.


  1. ๏Lap Check Points: There will be 3 check points for Epic 50 racers and 6 for 100 mile racers.
  2. ๏Timing Cut-off Points: There will be 3 cut-off points determined by the slowest possible time to finish the course by 6 PM. Check points apply to all 50 and 100 mile categories equally.
  3. ➡ Bottom of the ZEN ( feed zone 1 ) leaving Zen 2:30
  4. ➡Junction of Stucki RD & Rim Runner access 4:00
  5. ➡Start of Barrel Rolls  (feed zone 2) 4:30
  6. ALL racers not reaching the check-points by the designated times will have their number  marked and radioed in and will be instructed to head directly back to the finish or to the nearest aid station to get picked-up.  Time cut-off at Barrel Rolls applies to any lap of the Barrel Rolls. There will be NO exceptions to these times.
  7. No-Passing Zones:  There is a 1 mile no passing zone through the Bear-Claw Poppy habitat. Racers tires must remain on the trail tread at all times. There are several pull outs where a front racer may pull over to allow a racer by. These section will be strictly enforce so that we can maintain a permit to race this section.  Markers will indicate “NO PASS ZONE”
  8. ๏Safety Passing Zones: These are zones where passing a racer could cause injury to one or both racers due to technical conditions. These are about 5 of these sections on course and they will be marked with “SAFETY ZONE” . A racer must make sure a front rider is clear of the obstacle before proceeding. If a racer must dismount they must be safely to the side to allow racers to proceed.



  1. ๏Be responsible for your belongings and don’t throw trash on the trail.
  2. ๏Be nice to your fellow racers, always announce when you are passing and make sure they have a safe place to pull over, especially in the technical parts.
  3. ๏No short-cutting the course
  4. ๏ Remember the desert is a fragile place, try to only pass when there is room, try to wait for a wide spot in the trail and try not to create unnecessary widening of our single track.
  5. ๏If you need to stop and take a break make sure you are well off course in a hardened area.

RELAY RULES  – Check Here



  1. ๏The race starts are staggered by category : 100 mile – 7 am , 50 mile – 8:20-9:00 am
  2. ๏The race end’s at 6 PM. All racers must be off course by 7 pm or receive a DNF on official results
  3. ๏We reserve the right to cancel or shorten the race as needed due to weather or other trail conditions for the safety of all racers and longevity of the event.


Becuase if red tape there is no beer garden. If you bring a beer to the venue follow these rules so you don’t get busted.

  1. You must be 21 to have a beer.
  2. Do not drink on the City property. Only on the private property or street
  3. Hide your beer. Bring a water bottle or cup to pour it into.


  1. All camping spots are by reservation and you must display a permit in your car window.
  2. Alcohol is not allowed on city property. If you bring beer to the event, be discrete about where you drink it. Do not dispose of beer bottles or cans in city trash receptacles.
  3. All dogs must be on a leash
  4. Please Clean -up any trash.



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