• RACE : March 10, 2018 Registration Opens: 11/12/17

About True Grit

Schedule of Events

  • 6:00 Pm Nov 11th – Registration Opens
  • 11:59 PM Thursday before race – On-line Registration Closes
  • 2 pm – 6 pm Friday before race – Packet Pick-up and last minute Registration at Red Rock Bicycle


  • 6:30 AM- 8:45 am  Saturday, day of race Packet Pick- up at venue
  • 6:40-6:50 – 100 Mile Line up and Racer Meeting
  • 6:50 -6:58 Opening Ceremony
  • 7:00 AM  – 100 Mile Start
  • 8:15 – 50 Mile Line up and Racer Meeting
  • 8:25 – 50 Mile opening ceremony
  • 8:30 AM  – 50 Mile Start ( last wave at 9 am –see below)
  • 12 :30 pm – post race meal begins
  • 1 :30- 5 pm – Live Concert at Finish
  •  2:00 pm- 6 pm – Awards Ceremony for 100 and 50 top finishers
    • 2: 00 PM  -50 Mile OPEN MEN and WOMEN ( awarded 5 deep)
    • 2:30 PM 50 Mile Sport and Single Speed Categories (awarded 3 deep)
    • 4:00 PM announcements and SWAG give away
    • 4:30 PM 100 Mile Men and Single Speed (awarded 5 deep)
    • 5:00 PM  100 Mile Women and 50 + ( or after the 5th place winner finishes) (awarded 5 deep)


Start Times

Start times are staggered to spread out the field. Note the start times below and line up appropriately.

100 Mile : Staggered as Follows

  • 7:00 AM Male Open
  • 7:00 AM Female Open, Single Speed, Masters

50 Miles :  Staggered Start in the Following Order

    • WAVE 1 – 8:30 AM Open Male and Female (yellow) 
    • WAVE 2 – 8:37 AM Male Single Speed, Male 40-49,  GREEN
    • WAVE 3 – 8:47  AM Male 50+,Male 60+ BLUE
    • WAVE 4 – 9:00 Male 30 -39, Male 19-29, JR, Sport Female ( RED ) 

Qualifying Times, Cut-Offs, and Check Points


TG100 – 11 hours

TG50  – 9 Hours


FURTHER You MUST Make the Following Cut -Off times to proceed on the trail:

    1. Cut-off points apply to all 50 and 100 mile categories equally.  For 100 mile racers these are absolute times.  If you reach a check point past these times you will be redirected to the Finish and given a DNF for the race. Pace yourself accordingly so that you can reach all the check points to finish.
    2. ➡ Leaving FZ1 -Zen-heading up to the Poppy Trail   2:30 PM ( 50 mile race@ mile 20.6)  , ( 100 mile race  @ mile 63.8 )
    3. ➡Junction of Stucki RD & Rim Runner access – 4:00 PM ( 50 mile race @ mile 34.4 ) , ( 100 mile race @ mile 77)
    4. ➡Start of Barrel Rolls 4:30 PM  ( 50 mile race @ mile 37.5) ( 100 mile race @ Mile 80.5)


Check point keep racers honest and help us track you on course. There are 2 check point on the course. When you pass these a Course Official will record your bib number which will show as a split-time LIVE at the results tent.


The points are located

1. The end of the Zen Trail before FZ1

2. The end of the Barrel Rolls Lap ( if you need to access the feed zone after you lap you should do so after exiting the check station.)

100 Mile racers will receive a check a total of 4 check marks, 2 for each lap.

Any racer who crossing the finish line without their time stamped in the system will be assumed to be a DNF.

Live Timing and Results

Get the Lapio APP to watch a live feed of the race and look up results on android or I-phones. You can save this tab at home and watch the live feed https://app.lap.io/event/2018-true-grit-epic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How tough is this race: Our tag line is not a joke, this is a tough race. It is a mountain bikers race. The first 20 miles are over rocky and steep terrain that requires excellent bike handling skills and upper body strength. We are not telling you this to scare you. We have first time racers that do really well on this course, you will just want to train properly and if you are spending the winter on a trainer add some upper body strength training to feel your best at this early season race.
  •  What bike should I use: The most popular bike for this race seems to be a hard tail 29ner. Full suspension will help you get through the Barrel Cacti and Zen trails easier, but a hard trail may be more efficient when pedaling the Poppy trail and Stucki Springs trail. NUE rules say there is no switching bikes, so choose wisely. As always we suggest pre-riding.
  •  What nutrition is supplied: The nutrition provided at our aid stations is based on our sponsors for that year. We try to have a variety of supplements and real food, but we may not have what you are used to. We usually have some homemade goodies like banana bread, PBJ, or Cookies.
  •  Can I drop a Bag: You will be able to drop bags at 1 or both of the aid stations. Look for the bag drop area near the finish line before the race.  These will be transported for you at the start of the race and returned to the venue just after the aid station closes. This is usually 3 pm for Feed 1 and 5 or 6 pm for Feed 2. We recommend only 100 Mile racers drop to Feed 2. Any bags left will be dropped at Red Rock Bicycle and can be picked up there beginning at 10:00 am Sunday morning. Bags not claimed will be disposed of.
  •  Tell me about the post-race meal:  We will post details on the vendor under the vendor page once they have been selected and the menu set for the year. The finish line meal always has both meat and vegetarian options. Meals will start at 2 pm and be available until the end of the race.
  • What is the weather like: This is a spring race, and like any place in the spring the weather can vary greatly. The average high is 68 degrees, low 38 degree and precipitation .93 “. But we have seen temps as high as 85 and as low as 40 so come prepared for anything.
  • Can people watch the race:  Our permits require us to have a closed course ( see side panel). As such most of the course is closed to spectators. This being said there are a couple of places that friends, family and support staff can reach you while you are racing.
  1. • The first 23 miles can be view from the top of canyon view drive in Green Valley
  2. •Support can access the first aid station in Green Valley
  3. •Support can access racers at the bottom of Stucki Spings Road in Santa Clara.
  4. •In case of an emergency contact event staff to reach a participant on course.
  5. Only numbered racers and course marshals are allowed on course with bikes.
  • LOST and FOUND

Any items left at feed zones or found on the trail will be brought to the results table. If they are not claimed by the end of the race they will be available at red rock bicycle beginning at 10:30 am Sunday – 5 pm Monday after the race. The items will be out side in the area of packet pick-up.


Video by Aaron Johnson

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